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She’s the type of girl that can be so hurt but can still look at you and smile. – Marilyn Monroe (via soulsscrawl)


You know a girl is mad when she starts off her sentence saying “I just find it funny how ” because there’s a 99.9% chance she did not find it funny.

And when you choose a life partner, you’re choosing a lot of things, including your parenting partner and someone who will deeply influence your children, your eating companion for about 20,000 meals, your travel companion for about 100 vacations, your primary leisure time and retirement friend, your career therapist, and someone whose day you’ll hear about 18,000 times. How to Pick Your Life Partner / and this is often forgotten (via zsrmx)




I want a tattoo like this down my arm…

baby: m....m...m
mom: mama? ma? mommy?
baby: m...m...

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